Eurofoam Polska is a market leader in automotive flexible foams. Our products represent:

• superior lamination qualities (using both: flame and glue bonding)

• low flammability meeting market standards

• low fogging

• excellent mechanical properties

• resistance to organic solvents and detergents

• good acoustical properties.


Technical foams for automotive applications can be laminated with other PU foams, fabrics, PE and PU films, aluminium and PVC foils, artificial leather and many others.


Our product range covers:

• rolls for lamination

• ready-to-use multilayered laminates (incl. closed with PU film)

• self-adhesive foam parts

• die-cut foam parts.


You can encounter our foams in various automotive parts:

• seating upholstery and door panels

• headrests

• headliners

• acoustical insulations

• antivibration parts

• filtrating inserts.


Eurofoam POLSKA
PL 95-100 Zgierz
ul. Szczawińska 42
tel.: +(48) 42 716 38 54



+ (48) 42 716 34 93
officeateurofoam [dot] pl

Eurofoam Group

Eurofoam Polska belongs to the Eurofoam group – the European leader on the polyurethane foam market.

The group consists of 36 plants in 12 countries whose main business profile is the production and processing of polyurethane foam.

Eurofoam - European foam leader

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